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Technical Products for Leather goods

Giardini is specialized in products in high quality fillers and linings for leather goods. Our continuous commitment in this field and the recent introduction on the market of new generations of polyurethane items (Gel and Mousse) allow us to be partner of the most prestigious brands in the luxury sector.

These are very sophisticated products designed to reinforce real leathers and give support and shape of bags with different degrees of softness, especially extremely soft mycrofibres to be used with nappas , light and soft leathers and fine.


Giardini is specialized in  roducts for reinforcement and linings for high quality leather goods.


Mycro Basic Soft

High quality mycrofiber available in 14 different thicknesses to cover any type of modeling need.

Extreme attention is paid to the quality, the hand and the precision of the thickness. Deliveries are always very fast thanks to ample warehouse availability and important production facilities.

Chamois T19

Chamois T19 is the ideal solution to be used as reinforcement and / or lining of very soft leathers, leaving the hand of the skin unchanged.

It is particularly suitable for use with fine nappas and reptiles. Available in over 40 colors, it allows you to create unlined products in the same color or with contrasting colors.


Chamois 6-9-10

Chamois 10 is a very soft mycrofiber, also available backed with a hot melt adhesive, particularly appreciated for reinforcing fine leathers.

Available in 0,6mm / 0,9mm / 1,0mm thickness in color white.

Mousse and Gel

Mousse is an innovative polyurethane reinforcement. Laminated directly to the leather or fabrics, it gives volume and support to finished product ensuring a perfect return to the original shape thanks to its anti shock structure. 

Gel, on the other hand, is the super soft version of the new generation of polyurethane reinforcement. The technical characteristics are the same as for the Mousse. Available in thickness 14 and thickness 6 (specially designed for small leather goods)


Mycrofibers for Leather Goods

The products in this range represent the “state of the art” in the field of ultramycrofibers, both in nylon and The splendid short haired suede surface and the extraordinary softness make them a perfect lining and external product.

These articles guarantee excellent technical and mechanical performance.