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Polyurethane coated items: these are our traditional products. It is our history: decades of experience in polyurethane coating allow us to be able to offer hundreds of different articles, all of high quality, and to produce precious items with unmistakable hand and finish.

Patents, brushed, stretch, laminates, novelties…


Materials made with special finishes for the fashion market.


Lots of colors and finishes for a product suitable for every season. Our coated patents have a smooth and planar surface, soft and full bodied and adapt to any type of modeling.


Years of experience in the field of metallics allow us to offer the widest range of metallic and holographic foils to obtain incredible effects in the making of footwear and leather goods.


Natural Look

Giardini pays close attention to natural finishes, taking particular care not only of the look, but also of the hand and touch of these products.

Many of these items are offered in the STRETCH version, in order to obtain soft and comfortable footwear and boots.


Our novelty products made using advanced digital finish printing techniques on a fine microfiber fabric.
The result is a product with a sueded touch, very soft and refined, which can be easily customized.

An extremely flexible and customizable production technique that is well suited to meet the continuous and changing demands of fashion.


Footwear Linings

Our linings are light and comfortable. Thanks to the polyurethanes used, they have a high level of breathability and absorbency. The use of antibacterial agents also guarantees the absence of mold formation.

LiteLine is available in different grains and always with passing colors, to be used with raw cut.